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Crowsmoor Curse

****Truely Atmospheric 15 Jun 2012 By kenspen
A really good story that’s made even better by the cleaver use of descriptive dialog; you really feel that you are in Crowsmoor. Having lived in Cornwall for many years the reader can hear the true Cornish accent and I’m sure that if you look hard enough you will find that Crowsmoor is modelled on a real village somewhere around Bodmin Moor.

*****Just my sort of read! 6 July 2012 By bullybox
Like some of the other reviewers I couldn`t put this down and once I had finished came straight onto Amazon to look for others by this author. I am sure you won`t be disappointed if you enjoy a good old supernatural story like me.

*****The Crowsmoor Curse 17 Nov 2011 By jools
I found The Crowsmoor Curse to be very atmospheric and thoroughly captivating. I read it within 2 days of purchase and it had me trawling through the internet to locate other books by the author. A very enjoyable read!


***** Long Shadows, 5 Feb 2014 By Ruth newnham
From start to finish this book held my attention. The characters are warm and human, becoming friends. The amount of times I found myself holding my breath and hoping for the best was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and need to catch up with my sleep to!! Highly recommended.

***** Fantastic work, 31 Jan 2014 By Angela
and it’s just as good if not better than the first, edge of the seat at times, wonderfully woven past and present, I love the characters from the first, Martha being kept and her role in this story. Ready to read book 3.

**** Great page turner, 25 Nov 2013 By harrylover110
Mike and Beth Travis are now married and hugely pregnant, but still can’t stay out of trouble. It starts (in our time, anyway) with a pub landlord who finds a very old body while doing renovations in his cellar. I was in turns sorry for him and laughing out loud as the poor guy managed to scare himself silly several times over, and I liked him, so I hoped he would make out okay in the end. Anyway, the body he found was an evil old judge who delighted in executing innocents convicted of witchcraft in the 1600s, though he was pretty big on witchcraft himself.
Enter paranormal investigator Mike Travis, who has just moved in to the area with his wife, and he begins to investigate a local haunted Abbey, along with the aforementioned pub, also said to be haunted. With the opening of the grave (and subsequent disappearance of said evil old dude’s bones), Mike’s plot thickens. At home, Beth is dealing with the impending birth of their daughter and Adain the friendly ghost who is trying desperately to get Beth’s attention and warn her of imminent danger. With the help of friends old and new, they might just make it.I got through this in a day, pausing only for children’s cries and the whining of dogs begging to go out. I was fully prepared to go five stars on this one, but the end was way over the top for me, without giving anything away… But I do recommend it for sure and am headed for the next installment, immediately.


**** A GOOD READ, 12 Feb 2014 By m parry
A good story with lots of twists and turns, I love books that have “done their research” and bring you a sense of being at the location. I would recommend this book to all my friends with a warning that it’s “unputdownable”.

*****  The Sacred Ark., 7 Feb 2014 By Ruth newnham
Another exciting story with the family we are getting to know with affection. Yet again it was very difficult to put down, so sleep is now needed!! Must see if there is anymore. Most highly recommended.

*****  Absolutely brilliant, 6 Feb 2014 By Angela
Well this is the best yet I think, a fantastic mix of history myth and magic, conspiracy theories and past with present. From start to finish a great read.

***** A satisfying adventure, 27 Dec 2013 By Paul Thompson “Pól MacGilla tSamhais”
As this is the first Mike Travis book I have read I probably began at the wrong end of the series but this did not take anything away from my enjoyment of the book.
There was a lot that I would expect from an adventure book that featured the Ark of the Covenant – different factions competing to either hide, destroy or possess the Ark for a range of reasons as well as a good paced story.
What I really liked however was the willingness to begin to ask what the Ark might actually be and to introduce a plot line about this that a reader could sit with and at the end of it then ponder “Could it…? No…! But it sounded….” I liked this aspect as most novels, in my experience that deal with such mythological artefacts stop short of offering such an understanding and stay merely on the action or adventure level.


***** Great read 29 Dec 2013 By Pat Taft
My God this was a great read I enjoyed it so much I wanted the pages to go on for ever I will be reading the other books asap a must read. 5 stars and more.

***** Mike Travis 4 Jan 2014 By helen hinxman
Please write more about Mike and Beth. Just kept me on edge from Crowsmoore through to Victoria Little read all the books in three days couldn’t put them down.

***** great holiday read 11 Mar 2014 By Joseph Roche
Wasn’t on holiday, but if I was I would definitely recommend this book. As I’ve read her previous books (it helps) to keep you up to speed with the characters. A really good read, plot, unputdownable. 5* plus.

***** This book had me hooked 6 Mar 2014 By Mrs. Karen A. Clarke
This was a real edge of the seat one. Once again Jan McDonald does not disappoint as she really draws you into the story. Definitely not one for the feint hearted and even though it frightened me a little, I cannot wait for the next installment.


***** Yet another great story by Jan McDonald., 29 Jan 2013 By chick
Just as good as the other books she as wrote. Another great plot and her description of places is spot on. Keep them coming I say.

***** fantastic, 1 Dec 2012 By steph
Excellently written and captivating from the start , would definately recommend you buy and say goodbye to the next few hours…

**** Totally absorbing right from the start, 21 Feb 2012 By Busy Baker
This is completely unlike any book I would normally read (being adverse to blood & violence) but had it recommended to me & having read the sample chapter on my kindle was, to my surprise, very quickly hooked. The characters are strangely both likable & believable & compel you to find out what happens to them. It is easy to read, has a very visual story line with vivid imagery and would, I imagine, make a good film. I would have given this 5 stars but found some of the interactions towards the end a little complex to keep track of – probably my ineptness rather than the author’s and despite this, I look forward to reading more books by Jan.


***** Creepy Spine Tingler 25 Sep 2012 By avid reader
As usual this author does not disappoint. Believable characters are interwoven into another creepy storyline involving werewolves with a surprising twist..

***** Lycan and Midnight Wine. 2 Feb 2014 By Ty from Wales
I have just finished reading both the father Beckett thrillers. What a great read! I loved Jan McDonald’s, Mike Travis books and didn’t think the Beckett books were going to be half as good as vampires and werewolves are not my usual taste. (Twilight has a lot to answer for.) To my surprise I enjoyed them equally as much if not more. Great great characters I have became quite attached to and stories one gets really drawn into. Can’t wait for the next book as I simply must know what happens with Legs and Handsome and if he and Jude succeed on their next quest to rid the world of evil. This is most definitely a series I would recommend. If you liked the Mike Travis investigations, you’ll love these books too. More to come soon I hope.

***** A Rip Rip RoaringTale. 29 Jan 2013 By chick
This is what I like. From start to finish its a thrilling tale of Vampires and Werewolves. Keeps you on the edge of your seat with its brilliant plots. I love all Jan McDonalds books and have read them all. Can’t wait for her next rip roaring tale. Great.

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