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Beginnings is a collection of five short stories that introduce the Mike Travis Paranormal Investigations. Fans of the series have followed his paranormal exploits from his appearance in the creepy village of Crowsmoor in The Crowsmoor Curse but what happened to him before that?

It all began for Mike Travis, when as an RAF helicopter pilot, he was shot down in war-torn Afghanistan which resulted in his being declared clinically dead for several minutes before expert combat medics brought him back to life.
But he came back with a gift. He could see ghosts.

These five short stories bridge the gap between what happened in the immediate aftermath of the crash to his arrival in Crowsmoor, Cornwall, where his help has been summoned in an effort to prevent the return of an ancient evil.
Beginnings charts his progress from his first encounter with a ghost to his becoming a recognised investigator into all things paranormal. For readers of the series, these five short stories will be familiar territory. If you haven’t yet met Mike, Beginnings can be read as a stand-alone collection of short stories. Or it may just invite you into Mike’s paranormal world.

Here’s a taster …..
……. Pre-flight checks complete and take-off cleared; Mike lifted the Westland Apache into a hover and began to taxi slowly forwards into lift. At around fifty feet up he heard the shot.
They say you never hear the shot that kills you, but if that shot hits the tail rotor of the chopper you’re flying that could prove not to be the case. The first shot from the sniper hit the fuselage somewhere mid-engine, the second took out the tail rotor and the uncontrolled spin was instant. And the crash, vertical. And fast.
Mike’s training had kicked in and had been instinctive and instantaneous. In a heartbeat he hit the release on his harness and leaned towards the open door. At twenty five feet he threw himself clear as his mission ended before it had begun; in the din of breaking engine and the screech of twisting metal.
It was dark and he was cold. And confused. People were yelling and then everything faded to nothing as his heart ceased its regular beat and became an almost imperceptible flutter before it stopped, and his lungs no longer sought air……

………….. He couldn’t remember returning to the crash scene but he found himself looking over the shoulder of one of the medics.
The body on the ground was covered in blood and lumps of wreckage. The left leg looked like something from a butcher’s shop and was at alarming angles from the body, and a large red stain had spread across the chest where jagged bone from broken ribs protruded through the flying suit.
Mike forced himself to move his gaze up towards the head. The left cheek was covered in blood from a long, deep gash that ran the length of the cheekbone. But even through the gore he recognised his own face …..

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